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What do our Teams do?

One of the ways to grow is to connect through serving Jesus by volunteering. Whether it is someone's first time or they have been attending for years, we want to be known as a people of love and generosity. We cannot do ministry without everyone finding their sweet spot in serving.

We have many opportunities for you to try out. If you are not volunteering once a month, we invite you to join one of our teams. God wants to use you to change the culture and impact the many people that attend City Church.

Chat Host Team

As a church, we minister to people online and in person. The Chat Host builds a connection through social ministry on one of our three platforms. 

The power of this ministry is to bring oversight during Livestream Worship experiences.  We have chat hosts who insert the message online, insert special links or pray with those who request prayer. 

This amazing ministry touches people in Sheboygan plus all across the world.  If you want to interact with people in Japan, Florida and Sheboygan and really make a difference, join us in the Chat Host Team.

City Kids Team

Join the City Kids team:  Be a teacher or caregiver in Nursery, Toddlers, Preschool or Elementary. 

Let us know your passion area and we would love to get you involved.  We believe KIDS are not the church of tomorrow, but the church of today. 

Make a difference in a child’s life; nothing can be more important.

City Youth Team

Join a team that is passionate about teenagers.  Make a difference in mentoring and supporting teens in a critical time in their life. 

Be involved in weekly Wednesdays in the CY youth gatherings in numerous ways. Enjoy the energy of hanging out with teenagers.  What an important ministry to invest in the life of youth.  

Helps Ministry Team

Join a team of people who play such an important role in the church.  Be a part of the Helps Team in numerous ways: Office Work, Cleaning & Sanitizing, Mowing, Maintenance, Outside work, computer work. 

Let us know your skills, interests and we will hook you up in the right area. It takes many hands to see City Church become effective in building a healthy faith community.  

Livestream Tech Team

Join the team that is producing the Livestream every week through cameras, running the switcher or computer ProPresenter.

Be apprenticed in learning a new skill and meet some amazing people who play an invaluable role.  Make a difference in running the Livestream so many can hear the gospel.

Welcome Team

Join one of the most important teams of the church.  Creating a warm, loving culture is what City Church aspires to continue. Positions for the the welcome team include ushering, greeting, runners, guest connections and giving first-time guests tours of the church. 

Let us know where your interests are and we would love to get you involved. People make a decision about a church in the first 10 minutes. Help make that first 10 minutes awesome!

The Welcome Team plays a valuable part in help new people to have a great worship experience. 

Worship Team

Join a community of worship leaders whether you play an instrument, sing back up or worship lead.  This includes drummers, bass guitarist, electric guitar, sound tech, acoustic guitar, pianist and any other instruments you may think of. 

Still a little rusty? We will assist you in developing your gift. This is an invaluable role in leading people to minister to the Lord in our weekend Worship experiences. Nothing could be more profound than this area of ministry.  

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Want to make a difference with the gifts God has given you? Let us know what your interests are and we would love to help you get involved.

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