About CMC

God has called us to equip the next generation of spiritual leaders, and that’s the heart behind City Ministry College. In partnership with SUM Bible College & Theological Seminary, CMC was launched in 2014. Hosting the school right here in the church is an educational best case scenario. It gives us the best of both academics as well as the ability for the students to put what they are learning into immediate practice with hands on practical ministry. Because we seek to provide students with the best education at the lowest possible cost, it’s also extremely affordable. In addition to that, we offer a 3 year bachelors degree in Biblical Studies with various concentrations so you can graduate faster.

Visiting CMC

Let us know if you would like more information about City Ministry College. We would also love to work with you to schedule a visit so you can get a sneak peek of what to expect. This will give you an opportunity to meet our staff and other students, see our facilities and the Sheboygan area.